Orlando Cat Cafe – Clermont, FL

Orlando Cat Cafe – Clermont, FL

Cuties and Cuddles at the Orlando Cat Cafe

Cats & Coffee – Does it get any better?

We are lucky enough to be within driving distance of several cat cafes in Central Florida and made it a goal to check them all out starting with the Orlando Cat Café, located in Clermont, Florida.

For $12 per adult and $10 per child under 12, you can get an hour of time in the kitty room. Typically, about 12-20 cute little kitties will be available to roam around. There are tables for you to eat a lunch from the café or couches to relax on and copious amounts of kitty toys to entice the felines to come and spend time with you.  Or, you can choose to visit during on of their special events such as high tea with the cats or cat yoga. From Berry’s experience, don’t expect too much of a workout during cat yoga, as the furry little floofs are more than happy to steal a space on your yoga mat for cuddles.

The cats at Orlando Cat Café come from the SPCA Florida location in Lakeland, FL. All the cats up for adoption are spayed or neutered and up to date on age-appropriate shots. 

If you are a local, another great option is the Orlando Cat Café Annual Pass. There are single or family memberships available that include 10 hours of cat time a month, as well as other perks. Information for memberships can be found by emailing info@orlandocatcafe.com.

A Peek Inside the Orlando Cat Café & Minch Coffee

The first area serves as the café, Minch Coffee, where the scent of lattes and baked goods fills the air. Here, guests order from a selection of treats and drinks, all the essentials you’d expect for a cozy shop like this. This cat-free zone suits newcomers or those preferring to watch from afar.

A highlight of the café is the bar seating by a large window which offers a live peek into the Cat Play Area, where you can watch the cats play or nap. This spot is perfect for relaxing and anticipating your turn to mingle with the cats or for simply enjoying the view.

The Cat Play Area

A doorway leads from the café to the Cat Play Area, the soul of the Cat Café. This space is cozy, inviting both cats and visitors to relax and interact. While guests can bring café purchases into this area, feeding the cats is strictly prohibited.

Furnished with tables, chairs, and couches, the area invites you to settle in and let the cats approach you. This setup encourages relaxation and interaction on the cats’ terms.

Our visit transcended simple coffee enjoyment and cat cuddling. It became a reminder of life’s simple pleasures. The café’s blend of serenity and excitement is something every Central Florida cat lover should experience!

What We Did / Ate

During our first visit, both Spice and I indulged in lavender lattes while watching the kittens enjoy their catnip. Spice also nibbled a piece of coffee cake. In another visit, J and spice decided to grab bagel egg sandwiches, which the staff was kind enough to customize for them (hold the bacon, please!).

Our visits to the Orlando Cat Café are more than just a chance to enjoy good coffee and cuddly companions. There we can enjoy an experience that remindes us of the simple joys of life. Whether watching the cats through the window or sharing a space with them in the play area, the café offers a unique blend of coziness and excitement that cat lovers in Central Florida should not miss.

What you should know when visiting the Orlando Cat Café

  • Children under 12 must always be supervised.
  • Please do not bring your own cat.
  • Cate are cats. Sometimes they’ll be frisky and playful and other times will want to sleep. Give the cats their space to be comfortable.
  • Keep you voice down for the comfort of the cats. No yelling or shouting.
  • You are required to use hand sanitizer before entering and leaving the Cat Play Area.
  • No flash pictures.
  • Let sleeping cats lie.
  • Do not feed the kitties, no matter how much they want the bacon in your sandwich!

If you are looking for an adorable and relaxing time with plenty of photo ops, check out Orlando Cat Café at 532 Cagan Park Avenue Suites 201-203 in Clermont, FL.

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