Welcome to SpiceBerry Sunshine, where adventure lightens the way for a sun-drenched palate beneath the sky of Central Florida. Born from two friends obsessed with good times —Spice and Berry—our blog stands as a toast to the many, many undiscovered culinary and natural wonders of our home. Bursting with curiosity, wanderlust, and a passion for delicious cuisine, we have set out to deliver to you the vivid tapestry of tastes and experiences that lie off the well-beaten path of the average tourist.

Our Journey

It all started from a common interest in mixology with a playful idea of making various cocktails. However, it took a pleasant diversion into the culinary world fueled by living a vegetarian lifestyle and burning curiosity to explore the plant-based treasures.

What started as a search to find great vegetarian spots opened into something much more: a mission to explore, to find, and even appreciate all that both local flavor had to offer and the out-of-doors in Florida. From shining gulf waters to pure springs, SpiceBerry Sunshine is more than a food blog; it’s a sunny invitation to experience Florida through our eyes.

This is where our first forays into blogging began—a former food blog that lit the fuse for this exciting project, which melds our love for adventure, food, and storytelling.

What Makes Us Unique

But what marks SpiceBerry Sunshine is our attention to beautiful photography and engaging videos, looking to capture the very soul of our adventures. We treat each and every outing with the same amount of excitement as when you are finally able to share that ‘must-do’ experience with your friend.

We’ll be showcasing all local and small businesses, interesting places, and Florida’s great natural world in this blog with the kind of enthusiasm that screams, “You have GOT to try this!”

About Spice (aka Izzie)

Favorite Color: Teal / Aqua
Favorite Food: Rice & Beans
Favorite Snack: Cookies 🍪
Years in Florida: Just over 1
Favorite Vacation: Japan, specifically Kyoto
Favorite Florida Spot: Cocoa Beach (warm water & rockets!)

About Berry

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food
Favorite Snack
Years in Florida
Favorite Vacation
Favorite Florida Spot:

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to show the rich diversity and hidden gems of Florida and Central Florida, showcasing that there’s so much more here than theme parks and chain malls. We always try to guide our readers into amazing off-the-beaten-path destinations that make Florida special.

What Readers Can Expect

Followers of SpiceBerry Sunshine will be treated to:

  • Detailed reviews enriched with vibrant photos and videos.
  • An open, friendly tone that welcomes all to our table of shared experiences.
  • Honest opinions and comprehensive guides on maximizing your Florida adventures.

Whether you’re a local foodie, a visitor looking to escape the tourist bubble, or someone dreaming of Florida’s sunny shores, our blog is the outlet through which you can maximize your Florida possibilities.

Looking Ahead

While we’re just getting started, the future of SpiceBerry Sunshine is as bright as the Florida sun. We’re excited to explore new ideas, destinations, and possibilities as our community grows. Join us on this adventure, and let’s discover together the extraordinary flavors and sights that make Central Florida a place like no other!

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